What happens when you have sleep apnoea?

Step 1
Air stops flowing

An apnoea event is when air stops flowing to your lungs for ten seconds or longer, meaning you stop breathing.

Step 2
Brain signals the body

Your brain sends a signal to you to wake up and take a breath. You take a breath and fall back to sleep.

Step 3
Cycle repeats

These apnoea events can occur hundreds of times a night and many people with sleep apnoea don’t know it is happening.

Diagnosis and Treatment Pathway 

If your GP suspects you may have OSA you will be referred to a sleep consultant.

Your sleep consultant may order a diagnostic test. You may be referred to ResMed PEI who will arrange this test for you.

If your sleep study confirms you have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and your consultant prescribes CPAP therapy, then the ResMed PEI team will set you up by:

1. Providing you with a CPAP device, and training you on how to use and maintain it.

2. Registering you with the MyPatientSpace App which will help support you throughout your treatment

The ResMed PEI clinical team (including our Nurse Helpline) will then be available to help support your CPAP therapy on an ongoing basis and whenever you need us.

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"Life changing! I have a new life. From the first test to setting up the system at home - it has been made easy with the fantastic staff in support."

Bob Wiltshire
ResMed PEI patient

"The CPAP has transformed my life totally. I've been feeling a lot better all round, and have a lot more energy thanks to a great night's sleep. Go for it - you will have no regrets!"

Joseph Keane
ResMed PEI patient

"They were attentive, caring, and determined to solve my problem. The machine they gave me has been incredible and I haven't looked back."

Robbie Lewin
ResMed PEI patient

Access our expert support with our Patient Videos Library

Follow the link below to view the library of resource videos available to assist patients in getting started and maintaining their therapy.

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Welcome to Our Patient Video Library

Below is a collection of patient videos to help you initially get set up and maintain ongoing therapy.

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Manage your sleep care anywhere with myPatientSpace.

As part of your Managed Care Service Package you will be invited to join myPatientSpace for ResMed PEI. This offers personalised sleep care through daily reminders, tasks, educational material, and instruction videos, with the ability to monitor your progress and engage with your care team and experts.

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