Information Regarding Philips' Recall

The U.S voluntary recall notification issued by Philips on certain CPAP and ventilator devices does not impact ResMed devices or ResMed patients in any way.  Please visit the ResMed site for more detailed information:

Helping to change the way you sleep

ResMed PEI operates clinics across Ireland. On receipt of a referral from your physician, the ResMed PEI team will assist you in your journey from diagnosis to commencing therapy, as well as providing ongoing support.

A breath of connected care

Our Managed Care Service provides a seamless therapy service for people with sleep apnoea, COPD and other chronic diseases.


We work closely with patient support groups, GPs, and hospitals to raise awareness.

Screening & Diagnosis

We assist hospitals to manage Screening and Diagnosis in the home setting.


We offer an extensive package of equipment and support services to those referred from their hospital physician for therapy.


We remotely monitor the performance of devices to help proactively support patients throughout their ongoing therapy.


Our myPatientSpace App empowers users to feel motivated and confident by taking an active role in managing their own health.

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"Life changing! I have a new life. From the first test to setting up the system at home - it has been made easy with the fantastic staff in support."

Bob Wiltshire
ResMed PEI patient

"The CPAP has transformed my life totally. I've been feeling a lot better all round, and have a lot more energy thanks to a great night's sleep. Go for it - you will have no regrets!"

Joseph Keane
ResMed PEI patient

"They were attentive, caring, and determined to solve my problem. The machine they gave me has been incredible and I haven't looked back."

Robbie Lewin
ResMed PEI patient
Resmed PEI help people manage their sleep apnoea

For Patients and Families

ResMed PEI helps thousands of people across Ireland manage their Sleep Apnoea through our Managed Care Service. Working under the guidance of your sleep consultant, we offer a range of different resources which can help explain what to expect with your therapy as well as a clearly defined treatment pathway which offers support from us every step of the way.

Sleep Clinics Across Ireland

ResMed PEI operates clinics in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford. Each clinic is staffed by our experienced clinical team who will guide you through your diagnosis, setup, and ongoing therapy.

Resmed PEI team will guide you throuh your diagnostic

Whether you're a patient or clinician, our team is here to help.

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